Shooting Award Wnning Film ‘ Free '
On Set for Award Winning Short Film ‘ Free ‘ .

As a long standing club from the North West we have been creating films for years and years! From Film professionals to active hobbyists! We are open to all and always happy to meet new people who want to get involved with our club on any level! 

We are a small bunch of friendly people who enjoy making films on a whole variety of subjects. Over the years we’ve made films covering such diverse areas ranging from Thriller to Comedy. Winning many awards over the past few years we pride ourselves on making films worth talking about. 

We are often out on set making our next blockbuster but we also meet every month to view, review and come up with new ideas. Our meetings will be to show, create and also to help people advance themselves in their film skills. With members ranging from 14 all the way to 70 plus there is plenty of knowledge within the club to help anyone no matter what ability. 

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